Computer Drop-off

Drop-Off your computer for service – (4937 Breeze Way, Montclair, VA 22025)


We charge a small diagnostic fee of $29.95 to figure out exactly what is wrong with your computer.  Other places like the Geek Squad charge around $69 for this service.  We have to charge this because of the amount of time that goes into properly diagnosing your computer.  After we diagnose your computer, we will let you know what is wrong with it, how much it will cost to get it serviced along with any recommendations for improving the health and life of your system.


When you bring your computer for drop off service, There is no need to bring any cables, mice, or keyboard, unless its your laptop, than we will need your adapter cable.  We do recommend to bring any restore or operating disks that make have came with the system when you purchased it.  You may also want to bring any software you purchased and install after you purchased your computer, if you believe there is a possibility that Operating System will need to be reloaded.


Click here to submit a request for Computer Drop-Off or contact us:


Phone: (571) 572-2048
Email us:
Google Talk: DoveCS2010
Skype: DoveCS2010


After you scheduled a time to drop off your computer with us. You should bring your computer to:

Dove Computer Services

4937 Breeze Way

Montclair VA, 22025

(Located Across from the Bloom Shopping Center in Montclair, off of Water Way Dr.

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