Do you keep track of people I refer to you and my referral credits?
Yes, we keep track of all referrals and referral credits. If someone gets service from us and told us they were referred by you, we will send you an email to let you know that you received 1 referral credit, which is good for $10 off your next service.
Do you offer a Discount for Active Military?
Yes, we offer $10.00 off your service for all Active Military Members.
How can you offer such low prices compared to other computer shops?
There are a couple reasons: 1st reason is that we actually care more about offering top quality service at very affordable prices. The 2nd reason is because our overhead is low, which allows us to charge much less than others.
How exactly do the Service Plans work?
The Silver, Gold, & Platinum plans are available only to people who have already received service from us. Once you have received service from us at least once, you can than purchase a service plan. For example, the platinum plan you will get unlimited answers to computer questions via email. You will get 4 hours of free at-home service, which could be 4 separate 1 hour visits. In addition, you can drop off your computer at our location for any kind of service you may need for free, 3 separate remote assistance services for free and 1 free computer optimization, all of these services must be used within one year from the purchase date of the plan.
If I drop my computer off for repairs/service, how long will it take to get it back?
We normally have your computer repaired/serviced within 24 hours after you have approved us to do the work.
Is Dove Computer Services part of the Social Network?
Yes, Dove Computer Services has a business page on Facebook as well as Twitter, Linkedin, Google Places & Yelp. You can find our blogs, newsletters, discounts, coupons and other specials on these social networking sites. You are also welcome to add DoveCS2010 to your Google Talk or Skype if you would like to chat with us or click on the Live Chat feature on our website.
My friend gave me a $10 off coupon, plus I’m Active Military – can I use multiple discounts?
Yes, you can combine any and all the discounts you can find. For being Active Military you get $10 off, plus another $10 from your referral coupon, so that is $20 off your service. We also have a referral rewards program, check it out here.
What areas do you service?
Currently we service Montclair, Dumfries, Woodbridge, Dale City, Manassas, Triangle and Quantico. If you are outside of our service area – you are still welcome to drop off your computer at our location for service – however, we do not support people outside of these areas for at-home service at the current time.
What should I bring if I want to drop off my computer?
You only will need to bring the computer. Please do not bring any keyboards, mice, or power cords unless it’s laptop – than we will need the A/C adapter. If you have the Operating Disks/Restore Disks that came with the computer – it may be helpful with the repair, please bring them if you have them.

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