Loyal Customer Discounts and Referral Rewards


Loyal Customer Rewards

We offer continuing discounts to our returning customers, with $5.00 off each service, until our customers reach VIP Status, which at that point the customer will receive 30% off their entire bill for the life of doing services with us.  Our prices are already the lowest you are going to find, so 30% off of our already extremely low prices = Unbelievable Prices!!!




You will receive $5.00 after your 1st computer drop off service and will increase per drop-off service you receive from us.

Example for Drop off Service – Loyal Customer Discounts
1st Service: Regular Price
2nd Service: Automatic $5.00 off
3rd Service: Automatic $10.00 off
4th Service: Automatic $15.00 off
5th Service: VIP Status, 30% off all services for the life of doing business with us!!!


Referrer Rewards


We want to show our gratitude and give back to those who help us grow. You will receive $10 off business cards to give to your neighbors, friends, & family. If any of them take advantage of our service because of your referral, they will receive $10 off their service – which is ‘on top’ of any other discounts or specials we may be running. Along with them receiving $10 off their service, you will receive 1 referral credit per person you referred to us that requested our service.


 Referral Credits:  Each referral credit is worth $10 off your next service.  There is no limit to how many referral credits you can earn.  Referral credits can only be used to service your computers.


Example: If you had 3 referral credits valued at $30 worth of free service.  If you called Dove Computer Services out to your house to install memory in your computer, the cost of that service would be $60.  You can use your 3 referral credits and only pay $30 instead of $60.

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