Prevent Your Computer From Virus and Spyware Attack

What is a computer virus?

Virus is a harmful program which when runs on a computer may alter the information, files and damage data stored in it.

How a computer gets infected from virus?

1. From Infected Floppy Disk

2. From infected files downloaded from website.

3. From infected files from a infected CD

4. From infected E-mail attachment.

5. From running an unknown program or code on your computer.


What precautions or measures we can take to prevent virus from entering into our computer?


1. We should only use floppies that are from known source and are properly scanned from an anti-virus.

2. We can install a good firewall on our computer.

3. We can install good anti-spyware on our computer.

4. Never open an E-mail from an unknown person or unknown source.

5. Install a good Anti-Virus on your computer.

6. In the Internet Explorer go to go to Tools icon then go to the Internet Options.

Then click the security tab and select Highest security option on the slider.

Then click Apply and Ok. This step will help you from restricting harmful viruses and Trojans from entering into your computer.

The above instructions will help you reducing the risks of saving your computer from any Virus Attack.


What we should do when a virus attacks our computer?


1. First of all we should try to back-up our data that is most important to us.

2. If our computer is on network, just disconnect it from the network so that the virus should not spread in to the other computers.

3. Now run a good Anti Virus on the computer to scan for the viruses.

4. After the viruses are found by the anti-virus try to remove them with it.

5. Some times the viruses are internet Trojan horses or spyware, in that case you should use good anti-spyware to remove them.

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